Located at a charming design studio nestled in the heart of NYC, LEY SWIMWEAR brings a contemporary and alluring look at Brazil and its roots.

Founded by Marcela Ley, Partner and Creative Director, LEY was born out of her wish to create a global and cosmopolitan brand with diverse cultural references focusing on the Brazilian soul.

The brand is constantly looking at its creator’s homeland to develop swimwear with silhouettes, shapes, and finishings that strike a balance between body and soul, and resonates with the women who wear it.

LEY’s pieces are carefully designed and manufactured to allow women to move comfortably, stylishly, and freely. LEY believes the garment should embrace the body, as what fits well makes you feel well.

From designing to manufacturing, Marcela Ley stays close to the whole development process. She knows every garment, engages with every person, and participates in her brand’s whole production chain; whether it’s an artisan who welds and shapes her metal trims by hand, a fabric supplier, or a model who stars in her campaigns. 

With principles focusing on respect, appreciation, and constant evolution, social-environmental responsibility is paramount to LEY SWIMWEAR. The company uses certified materials, biodegradable fabrics, and environmentally-friendly suppliers to reduce any impacts on nature. Moreover, the brand supports OCEANA, an NGO that works to raise awareness of our oceans environmental problems.

LEY SWIMWEAR produces its entire collection in Brazil, splitting the process between certified factories personally approved by Marcela Ley. As the brand’s Creative Director, she is insistent that all her pieces be manufactured by Brazilian’s and meticulously oversees every line and every piece of embroidery down to the last detail.